VOIPO – Phone Service Review

I’ll admit it. When I signed up for telephone service through VOIPO I had my doubts. I was a wary of voice over internet protocol phone service to begin with and I couldn’t see how this company could offer the service they do, with all the bells and whistles, for such inexpensive rates. I tried it and now I am a
believer. I have, in fact, gone ahead and subscribed for an entire year and am saving even more money.

I honestly can’t begin to describe the bang you get for your buck. If you have any concerns about voice quality let me say this – it is MUCH better than my regular landline phone. Tech support is US based and
these people are a wonderful example of what customer service/relations should be.

Activation is free, modem is shipped to you free, and there is no cancellation fee. They also offer toll free and forwarded numbers at very low prices. The modem is portable – take it and your home phone with you when you travel – as long as a broadband connection is available.

I won’t even attempt to cover all the features included, but suffice it to say there are a lot of them and you would pay extra through other voip services for some of them. Check it out – it’s worth the few
minutes it will take to see what they can offer you.

Long distance carrier change – slamming

Years ago I paid my phone company, Windstream, formerly Alltel, $25 to block, and have paid them $4.99 a month ever since, simply to NOT have long distance on my landline. Imagine my surprise when I opened
a phone bill to find $5.63 for “carrier change charge” and $19.37 billed from ILD Teleservices on behalf
of Reliant Communications”, both companies I had never heard of. Continue reading ‘Long distance carrier change – slamming’ »

Is it true that Ebay sucks?

I haven’t listed anything on Ebay in quite some time – I wasn’t happy about their fee increases or the fact that while a buyer can leave negative feedback for sellers, sellers can’t leave negative for buyers. Now I notice something else about their feedback system that, well, quite frankly annoys me more than the first two changes combined……. Continue reading ‘Is it true that Ebay sucks?’ »

Handmade & OOAK Crafts Page Now Up

I finally have a page showing some samples of my crafts back up! You can visit it HERE.
I enjoy working with Barbie and Kelly doll, beading, shrink plastic, jewelrycraft, scrollsaw, paper mache, polymer clay and making Christmas and Santa items and ornaments. Most of the items shown have been sold but I should have more available soon. You can find my contact info on the page if you have any questions, inquiries or comments.

Mmmmm… Sauerkraut !

I have to say, sauerkraut may be an acquired taste. Over time I’ve experiments and found what I have to call my favorite sauerkraut recipe and am going to share it with you. It’s easy to make, just keep in mind I don’t measure the ingredients when I make mine so the amounts are estimates – you’ll need to experiment to find your preferences. Drag out your old faithful crockpot and let’s get started. Continue reading ‘Mmmmm… Sauerkraut !’ »