UPDATE In October of 2017 Big Fish games announced on their website that they no longer offer or support this game. Even if you have the game, you can no longer access the user made puzzles. I’m very disappointed in their decision.

If you are a fan of Mahjong puzzle games, Mahjong Towers of Eternity by BigFish Games is definitely worth checking out.

The game includes a very easy to use layout creator. Player created layouts can be shared with other players with the click of a button so there are always fresh layouts available. Statistics for puzzles are available, so you can see how many times players have tried to solve the puzzle and how many were successful. The lower the solved percentage, the higher the points rewarded towards game ranks.

You can choose from eleven tile sets to use, (or you can create your own sets) and change the background behind puzzles. I haven’t used it, but there is a messaging system to contact other players as well. BigFish hosts forums for the game which appear to be pretty active. Three modes of play are available, Classic, Speed, or Concentration.

Mahjong Towers of Eternity packs a lot of punch for $6.99. BigFish offers an hour of free playtime – not crippled time, either, but the full game -for each game before you buy them, so you don’t spend money on games you don’t like. They also have a ton of games to play for free online with no downloads necessary. In addition, BigFish (as of 12-6-09) is Better Business Accredited and has an A+ rating.

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