DIY Heating Pad, Quick, Easy, and Cheap

Sometimes a heating pad just won’t flex to heat what you want heated, for example around your neck, and those you can buy tend to be rather expensive. Here’s an idea for one that is quick, easy and cheap to make.
You need:
1 man’s tube sock, the longer the better
filling of your choice, bird seed, rice, corn, flax seed etc.

Pour the filling of choice into the sock. You want it to be able to flex easily and be sure to leave enough space at the end to self-tie it closed. Optional: Add some herbs or spices to the filling so it smells nice when heated. You can sew it closed if you prefer, but I tie it so I can empty the filling and wash the sock if needed.

To use, heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes. Experiment with heating times to find the desired amount of heat. CAUTION: 1. Eventually the filling can dry out so spritz the sock very lightly with water or sit a cup of water in with it when heating. 2. These things can get pretty hot so be careful when handling.

If you’re handy with embroidery you could decorate the sock before filling. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you manage to harm yourself or anyone else with this project.

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