Is it true that Ebay sucks?

I haven’t listed anything on Ebay in quite some time – I wasn’t happy about their fee increases or the fact that while a buyer can leave negative feedback for sellers, sellers can’t leave negative for buyers. Now I notice something else about their feedback system that, well, quite frankly annoys me more than the first two changes combined…….

I had maintained a 100% positive rating since I opened my account some years back. Imagine my surprise to notice I now have 0, yes, ZERO feedback of any kind because I haven’t sold anything for the past twelve months. I earned that 100% positive rating by providing quality and good service, yet because I’m not constantly selling and putting more money into their greedy pockets I basically have to start over from scratch? And to think Ebay changed the feedback system so that sellers couldn’t ‘hold buyers hostage’… Uh hello, maybe now Ebay holds their sellers hostage? Sell or start over mentality?
What a nice way to reward loyal accounts that have been around awhile but aren’t constantly used.

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