Do you remember…

I never walked two miles to school nor did I study by candle or oil lamp. The outhouse was long gone by the time I came along, although I do remember people in my neighborhood who still used them. I even remember an older couple who, although they had a truck and a car, often went to town in a wagon pulled by a mule. Do YOU remember

– when milk was in reusable glass bottles with cardboard stoppers and delivered to your door by truck?

– homemade churned icecream was made in a churn turned by hand?

– when cars didn’t come with seatbelts?

– gas was 50 cent or less per gallon?

– soda came in returnable glass bottles instead of plastic?

– soda and beer cans were not aluminum and would rust?

– Chevrolet Vega cars?

– reel-to-reel tape recorders?

– pink ford mustangs?

– drive-in movies?

– John Romain handbags and accessories?

– aluminum Christmas trees with color wheels?

– Top Value and S & H Green Stamps?

– white “go-go” boots?

– when women slept on curlers, even went out into public with them in their hair?

– when your family got their first color tv?

– The Beatles sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on the Ed Sullivan show?

– tests in school were printed in purple mimeograph ink?

– when trick or treating was safe for kids?

Ahhhh, the “good old days.” These days so many more conveniences, but life sure was simpler then…

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