SHADY TELEMARKETERS 803-244-0371 and 813-343-6500

This article is to alert my readers to calls from the above two numbers.

I’m on the ‘do not call list’ but on June 18th I started getting robo calls about mortgage refinancing from 803-244-0371 – which showed up on my caller ID as Bamberg, SC. Each time I disconnected the call. When the calls continued on June 19th I decided to go into my voip control panel and block the number.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the call log and saw that the call was made from 803-244-0371 but TO, instead of MY number showing up, a number in Florida, 813-343-6500. How shady and sneaky is that? Googling the 813-343-6500 number shows up two types of results – a marketing company and loan companies. What a way to hide who and where you are.

I doubt most people would be able to see that information but my voip service logs everything for me. Hopefully this will be helpful to the FCC Do Not Call people because I’ve reported all their calls.

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