Eleaf Aster 75W Mod User Review

This is a simplified, end-user review of the Eleaf Aster 75 watt mod. It doesn’t cover specifications and all the technical things – only an opinion of a consumer who has used the product. I ordered the product on August 11, 2017, received it several days later and used it until around November 28, 2017, slightly over three months.

As far as the PERFORMANCE of this mod, I was pleased with it. The single battery life was pretty good, the mod small and comfortable in my hand. I could easily wrap my hand entirely around it. The adjustment buttons are above and below the screen, the fire button on an angle above. I did run into an issue with accidently changing my wattage, but I think that was more due to the way I held the unit than anything else.

I’m sad to report that I am NOT happy with the durability of the mod beyond the actual performance. Within two days of receiving it, the bottom magnet on the door fell off. I superglued it back in but it fell out again within a week – I guess I was too stingy with the glue. I reglued it – and dumb me put the magnet in backwards so the bottom of the door wouldn’t close. Unfortunately I’d used enough glue that time it refused to come out. I should have sent it back the first time the magnet fell outsince it was under warranty, my mistake.

Next comes the quality of the paint finish. No, just no. Look at the picture below the fire button. (More pictures at end of article) The finish is worn down to the bare metal where my thumb rested when I fired the mod. The mod hasn’t been dropped or abused.There is also a picture of the bottom and sides. The sides have a lot of scratches, the bottom shows wear as that under the fire button. For the most part, the mod sat on my computer desk. Oddly, the battery door finish is almost blemish free…… and that poor battery door HAS been dropped many times – it tended to easily fall off since only one magnet held it. Some wear is expected, but not this much, not in under four months use. I have other different brand mods that have been used a lot longer and subjected to rougher conditions that show none of this wear and tear.

Would I buy this unit again? I have mixed feelings about that. As far as the mechanical part, it’s a good little mod, in my opinion. I can reason with myself that the battery door was one of those things, not that big of a deal. The finish, though, that might be a deal breaker for me. I feel it should have held up better no longer than it was used.

I’d advise anyone considering this mod to make sure there are silicone cases or at least decals available before purchase.

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