I recently read a post by someone talking about how difficult it was to clean the bottom of their kitchen sink strainer basket, epecially the rubber part that keeps water in the sink. Here’s how I make that sometimes gross chore easy!

These strainers come completely apart. Hold the part that sticks out from the bottom of the rubber stopper while unscrewing the top post that is inside the basket. (See diagram below) You will have three parts, the basket itself, the post and the rubber gasket. Before you take it apart, note which way the rubber stopper fits underneath the basket.

I soak the parts in strong bleach water for a bit then scrub all the parts. (An old toothbrush works great but you can make do with paper towels, rags, or whatever you have on hand.) Once the crud is gone and the parts are rinsed, I wash it with hot soapy water and reassemble.

If you have metal strainers they can become badly stainred to the point they still look dingy even after soaking in bleach. Give them a polish with Coimet, Bartender’s Friend. Baking soda also works as do disposable steel wool scrubber pads.

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