It’s State Fair Time !

The South Carolina State Fair has arrived for a 12 day run in Columbia. Opening day was shadowed by an accident with one of the rides -according to media reports, several people received minor injuries which were treated at the Fair’s first aid station.

Comments to media articles about the accident show a wide range of emotions. Some people feel the rides aren’t properly inspected, some that only idiots would ride something put together so quickly. Facts are, it’s not just the traveling rides that have accidents, injure and kill people. One website,, has some interesting records and statistics and a searchable database.

When you compare the current State Fair to how it was 35-40 years ago, there have been huge improvements. Now most of the equipment comes in ahead of time and is set up over a period of days. It once came in within hours of opening and while the fair officially opened on a Monday, the public was allowed inside on Sunday – WHILE the rides were being set up. Visitors were often given free rides that night so I doubt anything was inspected. Continue reading ‘It’s State Fair Time !’ »

Spider Lily – Lycoris Radiata: Fall Flowering Bulbs

In late September or early October, a tall stem bearing a frilly red flower suddenly pops out of the ground. It’s fall and Spider Lilies- Lycoris Radiata- are in bloom in the South.

Spider Lilies were brought to the United States in the 1850’s from Japan. They are hardy, easy to grow perennial bulbs that don’t have to be dug up each year. First the flower bearing stem appears, then when the flower begins to die, slender dark green leaves appear at the base of the stem. These leaves will remain green all winter, dying back in early summer.

As tempting as it may be to cut the leaves when spring arrives, it’s best to wait until they begin turning yellow – they are feeding the bulbs for next years’ blooms. Continue reading ‘Spider Lily – Lycoris Radiata: Fall Flowering Bulbs’ »

Fix World of Warcraft Stuck in Combat Issue

NEWEST UPDATE: I have found that if you are stuck in combat in World of Warcraft, an easy fix would be to just type /reload into your chat bar. What this essentially does, is reload your game interface without having to log out. Please comment below and let me know if this fixes your stuck combat issues also!

UPDATE: I just discovered that this idea doesn’t always work.Try switching between using escape and ctrl/alt/delete, my experiences this morning show one will eventually let you out of the game.

Some time ago my characters would get stuck in combat after I killed something, leaving me unable to eat, mount, or exit the game normally. I’ve noticed it happening again in Cataclysm recently. My characters’ health does not go up on it’s own, and I cannot eat, mount, or exit game, although I CAN bandage myself – health does go up from bandaging. Continue reading ‘Fix World of Warcraft Stuck in Combat Issue’ »

Intentional Overdosing of Over Counter Meds to Get High – Parents Beware!

Most parents are aware of smoking pot, abuse of prescription drugs and things such as meth, cocaine, crack, herion, sniffing different substances such as air duster, gasoline, paint, etc. So why are so many parents blind to over the counter medicines which are being abused? Wake up, people, and be aware that medicines in your bathroom cabinet can and are being abused!

One commonly abused medication is anything containing DXM – dextromethorphan. It’s found in cough and cold medicines – for example, Coricidin, Robitussin and generics. Some people refer to “Triple C”, named after Coricidin Cough and Cold. “Robo tripping” is, obviously, named after Robitussin. PEOPLE ARE INTENTIONALLY OVERDOSING THEMSELVES WITH THESE MEDICINES TO GET “HIGH!” Another medicine found in the family medicine cabinet being abused is Dramamine, or motion sickness pills

If you see empty blister packs or cough syrup bottles, be concerned. There is a ton of information on the internet about this – do your research. You’ll even come across forums and posts by people telling each other how to abuse these and other drugs. Google is your friend – use it. Wake up to what is going on before someone you love doesn’t wake up one day.


According to an article by CNN Money, our Washington lawmakers may be looking to charge motorists for each mile they drive. It’s unclear whether this would replace the current federal gas tax or if it would be added to it.

For years car makers have been pushed by government and public to produce more fuel efficient vehicles. Now that there are more fuel efficient vehicles on the roads, along with the fact many drivers try to cut back on the miles they drive because of excessive gasoline prices, government isn’t getting as much tax money to maintain roads.

On one hand, people who drive more would pay more towards road upkeep. On the other hand, people who have tried to conserve energy and cut back on gasoline use, would be penalized because they aren’t using as much gas. Odd, I thought government rewarded people for purchasing some fuel efficient cars – such as electric hybrids….

Regardless, adding any kind of tax or usage fee will cause the cost of goods to increase even more than it already has. Everything you buy from a store has to be transported to that store. You would be charged more for the products and it would also cost you more to travel to buy those goods.

Think about it.


I just watched two videos that infuriated me. One was about an EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD BEING GIVEN BOTOX INJECTIONS, the other of A SCREAMING FIVE YEAR OLD HAVING HER EYEBROWS WAXED, both because the children participate in beauty pageants.

Recently people were quick to yell about the  protesting child who was patted down at an airport, why aren’t these people screaming louder about what is happening to so many of the children who participate in some of these pageants? Continue reading ‘KIDDIE BEAUTY PAGEANTS – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ »

UPDATE 5-28-11: The House, followed by the Senate, has changed their vote against giving Amazon a 5 year break from collecting taxes on goods sold to SC residents. As a result, Amazon will be locating in South Carolina.

In addition, Altgen Corp, which pulled out of negotiations when Amazon announced they were scrapping the SC deal, is reopening negotiations to locate in SC.

The State Paper reported today that two companies have cancelled plans to build in SC after Legislators voted against giving Amazon a five year exemption on collecting sales tax on merchandise sold via the internet to SC residents, a promise made by previous governor Sanford.

One would have brought 200 jobs but may have required up to 20 million dollars in incentives to come here. “Our concern is you get incentives and get the commitment for it and the state changes the rules of the game,” operations manager Chip Harriford of Altgen said. “Our financiers are not willing to take that risk.” Continue reading ‘COMPANIES CANCEL PLANS TO BUILD IN SC AFTER HOUSE SHOOTS DOWN AMAZON DEAL’ »

South Carolina Retailers Lash Out At Amazon – Could Cost SC Jobs logo

UPDATE 4-28-11 12:16 EST: The SC House voted that Amazon would have to collect taxes on items purchases by SC residents. Amazon in turn has canceled plans to build here and have announced they do not expect legislative negotiations to continue. Goodbye 1200+ jobs. Goodbye to a boost to SC’s lagging economy. IMO this was an absolutely idiotic move on the part of SC politicians. Now SC doesn’t have the jobs, the economy boost, jobs that would have been created because Amazon was here and they STILL WON’T BE COLLECTING TAXES FROM AMAZON SALES MADE TO SC RESIDENTS!

Amazon has already started building a new distribution center in South Carolina.  When operational it will employ 1200+ people at an average pay of $15 per hour.  They were given sweet incentives to locate here  – just as many companies in the past have been given.

Now the project has hit a snag.  Amazon was led to believe they would not have to collect sales tax on merchandise sold to South Carolina residents.  Unfortunately, some local businesses, large and small, have jumped up in arms screeching like a little girl scared of a bug that it’s not fair to them.  Ridiculous!

First of all, the businesses that are protesting have brick and morter stores here – stores you can physically walk into and purchase items.  You cannot walk into an Amazon distribution center and purchase anything.   You go online, you place an order and it is shipped to you – maybe from the distribution center in SC, maybe from one located elsewhere.  Some of the businesses protesting also have online ordering – but the difference is you can also walk into their local store to shop.  AMAZON IS NOT A “RETAIL” STORE ! Continue reading ‘South Carolina Retailers Lash Out At Amazon – Could Cost SC Jobs’ »

Boiled Eggs

easter egg

Easter Egg

With Easter may come a surplus of boiled eggs.  With soaring food prices, nobody wants to waste food, but making sure they are safe to eat should be the first concern.  Foodborne illnesses are not a good thing.  Personally I think the best idea is to use plastic eggs for Easter Egg hunts, keeping the decorated eggs refrigerated and safe for consumption. Continue reading ‘Boiled Eggs’ »

Pizza Hut $10 Special No Longer Includes Supreme?

UPDATE 10-28-2011
Pizza hut in the Midlands area of SC currently has the $10 special for any pizza, eat-in or carry out.
UPDATE 7-17-2011
The latest Pizza Hut $10 any way you want it pizza FOR CARRYOUT does include Supreme and Super Supreme.
I’m rather disappointed with Pizza Hut due to an experience I had while ordering today. They need to fix their tv and website ads.  The special deal they are advertising, $10 for any size pizza, including specialties, isn’t so – prices have been raised on some pizzas, although the ads still  indicated they were $10.

I placed an order today, 3-31-11, for two large supremes, which are specialty pizzas.  I was told the supremes were not longer $10 – that Corporate had raised the prices to $12.  I pointed out that the website showed they were $10, then she pointed out to me that the tv ads still said they were $10 as well, but that the menus inside the restaurant had been changed to reflect the new price. Continue reading ‘Pizza Hut $10 Special No Longer Includes Supreme?’ »

Trespassers and Property Owners

With the approach of spring and summer, more people are out and about, therefore land and property owners are more likely to experience problems with trespassers. Exactly what is a trespasser? A trespasser is someone who enters the property of another without permission. An amazing amount of people think it’s perfectly okay to trespass at will. Continue reading ‘Trespassers and Property Owners’ »