Fix World of Warcraft Stuck in Combat Issue

NEWEST UPDATE: I have found that if you are stuck in combat in World of Warcraft, an easy fix would be to just type /reload into your chat bar. What this essentially does, is reload your game interface without having to log out. Please comment below and let me know if this fixes your stuck combat issues also!

UPDATE: I just discovered that this idea doesn’t always work.Try switching between using escape and ctrl/alt/delete, my experiences this morning show one will eventually let you out of the game.

Some time ago my characters would get stuck in combat after I killed something, leaving me unable to eat, mount, or exit the game normally. I’ve noticed it happening again in Cataclysm recently. My characters’ health does not go up on it’s own, and I cannot eat, mount, or exit game, although I CAN bandage myself – health does go up from bandaging.

Previously, I was able to bring up the task manager so I could end the game that way. That’s not working for me now. As soon as I click on the task manager option the game reappears in full screen. Not wanting to shut my computer down improperly to get out of the game, I think I’ve found a work around.

Hit Esc. From what I’ve seen so far, it brings up the option to exit the game even when stuck in combat. Next I go to my programs folder, World of Warcraft and delete the cache folder, which will be recreated when you log back in. (If you’re uncomfortable with deleting it, just drag it to your desktop.)

How long does this stuck in combat problem last? Well, I’ve gone to my kitchen and made a sandwich to come back and still be stuck. Other times I’ve been able, health permitting, to kill a couple more creatures and it will fix itself. For now I’m hoping the issue doesn’t become worse.

Hope this helps!


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