According to an article by CNN Money, our Washington lawmakers may be looking to charge motorists for each mile they drive. It’s unclear whether this would replace the current federal gas tax or if it would be added to it.

For years car makers have been pushed by government and public to produce more fuel efficient vehicles. Now that there are more fuel efficient vehicles on the roads, along with the fact many drivers try to cut back on the miles they drive because of excessive gasoline prices, government isn’t getting as much tax money to maintain roads.

On one hand, people who drive more would pay more towards road upkeep. On the other hand, people who have tried to conserve energy and cut back on gasoline use, would be penalized because they aren’t using as much gas. Odd, I thought government rewarded people for purchasing some fuel efficient cars – such as electric hybrids….

Regardless, adding any kind of tax or usage fee will cause the cost of goods to increase even more than it already has. Everything you buy from a store has to be transported to that store. You would be charged more for the products and it would also cost you more to travel to buy those goods.

Think about it.

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