Intentional Overdosing of Over Counter Meds to Get High – Parents Beware!

Most parents are aware of smoking pot, abuse of prescription drugs and things such as meth, cocaine, crack, herion, sniffing different substances such as air duster, gasoline, paint, etc. So why are so many parents blind to over the counter medicines which are being abused? Wake up, people, and be aware that medicines in your bathroom cabinet can and are being abused!

One commonly abused medication is anything containing DXM – dextromethorphan. It’s found in cough and cold medicines – for example, Coricidin, Robitussin and generics. Some people refer to “Triple C”, named after Coricidin Cough and Cold. “Robo tripping” is, obviously, named after Robitussin. PEOPLE ARE INTENTIONALLY OVERDOSING THEMSELVES WITH THESE MEDICINES TO GET “HIGH!” Another medicine found in the family medicine cabinet being abused is Dramamine, or motion sickness pills

If you see empty blister packs or cough syrup bottles, be concerned. There is a ton of information on the internet about this – do your research. You’ll even come across forums and posts by people telling each other how to abuse these and other drugs. Google is your friend – use it. Wake up to what is going on before someone you love doesn’t wake up one day.

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