When the brand of tea tree soap I used was discontinued I decided to make my own as I wasn’t all that pleased with some of the others I tried. It’s easy and fun to do, cheaper than most you buy in stores, and best of all, you can experiment with adding other ingredients to design a soap perfect for your own needs.

I start with a good quality base soap – the kind you melt, add extras to, and pour into a mold. All soap bases are not created equal. Do your homework and find soap bases that don’t have a lot of extra gunk added to them – the less the better in my opinion. I prefer simple glycerine bases, clear or opaque.

To get started you need a microwave, soap base, tea tree oil, a glass measuring cup (easier to pour it from), and something to stir it with. I use a popsicle stick or similar item. Inexpensive soap molds can be purchased at craft stores and can be used over and over. Use your imagination – as long as what you use is flexible so you can remove the soap after it hardens.

The fun part is in the experimenting. A good basic formula is 4 ounces of soap base to a tablespoon of essential tea tree oil. Melt the soap base – do NOT overheat it – read the manufacturers directions on melting. Remove from the microwave, stir in the oil, pour into mold and allow it to harden. I prefer to allow the soap to “age” for 24 hours before using – it seems to last longer.

Let your imagination run wild. You can adjust the amount of tea tree oil added, add some finely ground oatmeal, etc. The soap can be as plain or fancy as you want – some people add coloring, flower petals, etc.

Tea tree oil is supposed to have antiseptic, fungicide and antibiotic properties. I’ve found the soap soothing for itchy skin and an overall refreshing bath experience.


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