Pogo Is No-Go

I haven’t subscribed to Club Pogo in at least two years now. On July 4th I visited Pogo for the first time in ages and was excited to see an ad for 15% off Club Pogo. While I think $39.99 is a bit steep, I was willing to consider $24.99. Of course the ad was misleading – I wasn’t eligible – it was only for “new” subscribers…
There was nothingĀ  to hint there was a catch. No matter what I tried, Pogo would only toss me a link to subscribe with a price of $39.99. Later, when loading a game, I found out – by following a pop-up ad for the $24.99 price, that it was only for NEW subscribers (by new they meant people who had set up their freebie accounts since July 1st or 2nd) AND it was only valid if you paid by credit card.
What a fine way to reward previous customers thinking to return. The site lags even more than it did when I was a member before and I also experienced “game freezes.” They were still congratulating the same person who won some minor prize on the 4th two days later, too. It does look like they have added some new games – but overall I think the site is no better, and may have gone downhill, from what it was two years ago. Let’s not get me started on customer service – I don’t think they can read because they didn’t even address the question I asked them….
So, I’ll miss out on the games only Club Pogo members can play. If I’m bored, I’ll visit Pogo – I can always use the 30 second ad show to take a potty break :).

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