Free Speech Can Go Too Far

I’m all for freedom of speech. I can understand why the Supreme Court had to side with the disrespectful military funeral protesters – had they ruled otherwise it could have endangered the right to free speech of everyone – but at the same time I am sad that those fanatics “won.”

You notice I don’t use the name of these people . I don’t want to dirty my blog with their names or the name of their so-called” church. ” To get respect you must give respect, and that is something they fail to do. In their greed to express themselves they blatantly abuse free speech by desecrating funeral services.

God doesn’t “hate”, and for these fanatics to preach THEIR hate and intolerance at funerals, military or otherwise is a disgrace. Do they really think this pathetic behavior will cause any sane person to see their point of view? Their agenda makes no sense.

According to these fanatics, everything bad that happens, every natural disaster, every murder, death in any way, is all the fault of homosexuals, is God’s way of punishing the world for it, and they actually rejoice that these things happen. They think God finds it funny. Look at some of their signs, for example “thank God for dead soldiers” and God hates the USA.” That is just plain sick.

They had planned to protest the funerals of the Arizona shooting victims as well, but were given airtime by some media to spew their crap instead. IMO that was a big mistake. It did keep them away from those funerals, but now I suppose they will feel empowered to try that in other situations.

They are considerd a hate group by several organizations that keep track of such. These people are, quite frankly, a disgrace to humanity. As I was reading about these oddballs, two words came to mind: cult and Jonestown.

So, they won their case with the Supreme Court. Now they have told the media that they plan to quadruple their protests. I do hope that everywhere they go, authorities make sure they get and pay for any required permits, that they follow the the law exactly. Maybe out there somewhere is a lawyer who can find a way to file a federal class action law suit to not allow these creeps to protest within five miles of any funeral. Other people have rights, too.

I can almost feel sorry for these people. What sad and bitter lives this family and anyone following them must lead. Kudos to their family members and anyone else who has had the courage to amputate this batch out of their lives.

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