WOW Critter Kill Squad Achievement – It’s Not As Easy As It Sounds

I wanted to give people a head’s up about this quest to try to keep others from being as disappointed as my guild was. UPDATE With Patch 4.0.6, reputation required is lowered from exalted to revered

We got this achievement but there’s a catch. In order to actually GET the pet, a guildee has to be EXALTED with the guild, and then it still costs 300 gold.

It would be NICE if Blizzard would put that on the tool tip. It’s perfectly understandable that there is a reputation requirement – but to work together to complete the quest only to learn that actually getting the item requires still more grinding is quite a letdown. IMO, making it available at honored for a higher price, then revered for a lesser price, then even less at exalted would have worked well. I think 1200, 600, then 300 would have been fair.

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