Recently I purchased a package of ‘forever fragrant freshSTICKS.” I’d looked at them in the store several times, thinking they sounded to good to be true. But, after one review I read where the person said they could only use a few sticks instead of the entire bag because they were so strong, I decided to give them a try and purchased the vanilla scent. I have multiple pets, smokers in the house and the room I bought them for is pretty big – probably 15×15 with 8 foot high ceilings. There is a ceiling fan kept on low to circulate the air in the room.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag the sticks were in was that while they smelled nice, they didn’t smell strongly at all. Coming from a sealed bag I expected a much stronger scent. The little vase that comes with them is cute and the sticks are by no means ugly. I set everything up as directed. Thinking they may need time to work, I allowed several days before writing this review.

Maybe they are absorbing some odors, I cannot tell. They are not, however, giving off enough scent to count. Even putting my nose almost to them, the smell is very faint. I’m pretty disappointed in the product. Maybe I got a bad batch . Maybe my room is too big – although they still should smell stronger up close, in my opinion if that were the case. Maybe they would work well in a tiny enclosed area. They are stamped with The Good Housekeeping Seal which says refund or replacement if defective. I wouldn’t say they are exactly defective – they simply don’t work as I expected.

This review is based entirely on my own experience with the product. Experiences of other customers may be entirely different. They did not work well for me.

If a friend asked me what I thought of them and should they buy them, I’d have to tell them I wasn’t impressed with them, but that their experience may be better.


  1. I have never tried them but I think if you are going to write a review you should give them another chance-contact the company and replace them at least once to see if you DID get a bad batch. I don’t know in this case how good the product is but you could give them a very bad name just because you got a dud… And duds happen to just about any company that mass produces a product.

  2. Thanks for your responses. I DID say “This review is based entirely on my own experience with the product. Experiences of other customers may be entirely different. They did not work well for me” and also stated that while I wasn’t impressed with the product myself other people may have a different experience.
    Adam was pleased with the product so obviously they worked well for him. If you read other reviews on the internet you will see that opinions are mixed – some people pleased, others not. Some people said the scent was too strong, others said the scent faded out in about three months, etc.
    I gave an accounting of MY experience with the product right down to the size of the room and stated possibly the large size and high ceilings contributed to them not working as I had hoped. I’m not bashing the product by any means, simply giving an accounting of MY experience with it.

  3. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews. I wouldn’t buy them with someone elses money lol for one thing how in the h-ll they gonna last for 2 years. I can’t imagine without them being in a fluid they would even last a month.

  4. These things are a waste of money. I can’t smell nothing and I have a set of 2 cool linen sitting on my table as soon as you walk through my front door. I could smell them when I held them straight up to my nose. Should have known if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. They say $$$ back if not satisfied, well in my opinion you won’t see these around much longer cause if that’s the case these people will go bankrupt for having to refund everyone their $$$ back. I ordered mine off ebay so I’m s**t outta luck. Oh well now I know. Lesson learnt. DO NOT buy these that DO NOT WORK. They got 1 star from me cause I had no choice but to give 1 star.

  5. I bought these without ever even hearing of them, let alone checking the reviews. (They were like 6 bucks) Let me tell you, I will be the first to rip apart a product, in a review, if it doesn’t do what it says and/or I’m disappointed in it. But, I’m actually shocked about this one. Honestly, I didn’t expect this to work. If you’re looking to smell up your room with a gorgeous scent, then buy those Glade candles. Those are amazing for that purpose. If you want a lighter scent, don’t light the candles and they’re still great. But, these sticks aren’t meant to just make a room smell strongly scented or mask odors with a strong smell. I originally put five sticks in my bathroom, but I walked into my 16 year old’s bedroom right after doing that and OMG it literally smells like a man’s armpit after a long day of extreme manual labor. I’m not exaggerating. (He showers every day) So, I moved the five sticks into his room n shut the door. I went to make him a bowl of cereal and went back to his room. I kid you not, I honestly didn’t smell his B.O. at all anymore. I’m still in shock. This happened and about ten minutes later I found this site because I had to review this product.
    Now, it says it’ll last up to two years, we’ll see about that. I’m skeptical to say the least. I can’t imagine anything scented lasting that long. Well, except for a project I did in kindergarten, where we put cinnamon spike things into an orange and then our teacher baked it. Over 30 years later, it still smells amazing. Lol
    I was going to say I probably won’t remember to update this review in two years. But, I’m going to set a reminder timer in my phone’s calendar to remind me. So we’ll see…

  6. Like Tracy…..I had not heard anything about these fresh sticks when I purchased mine on July 22, 2013. I kept the card that came with it and wrote the purchase date on it. I placed the vase with sticks on my counter on the center island in my kitchen……a large open room with 9 foot ceilings. The scent was never strong but I can smell a pleasant soft fragrance when I walk by it. I just checked it now and it smells the same as when I opened it in July 2013. It must be absorbing the unpleasant odors because I don’t smell any when I come into the kitchen from outside…..and you don’t smell a heavy mask fragrance……just clean…..with no bad odors. I like that there are no oils or wax that I have to be careful what I set it on. I don’t have small children and that would be the only reason that you would have to be careful of where you place the sticks. It clearly says not to be ingested. Mine came with the little vase and 20 sticks. I kept it all together because it is in a large open room. The only reason I am on this site is because I forgot where I purchased it and wanted to buy more for other rooms in my house…..I am sick of messing with candles and warmers. After reading the negative reviews I felt it only fair to tell the other side and a positive side about this product. I am very satisfied and looking to purchase more. I was surprised when I saw the date on that card……I have had it for 3 months short of a year! I don’t know how it works but it does.

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