Pizza Hut $10 Special No Longer Includes Supreme?

UPDATE 10-28-2011
Pizza hut in the Midlands area of SC currently has the $10 special for any pizza, eat-in or carry out.
UPDATE 7-17-2011
The latest Pizza Hut $10 any way you want it pizza FOR CARRYOUT does include Supreme and Super Supreme.
I’m rather disappointed with Pizza Hut due to an experience I had while ordering today. They need to fix their tv and website ads.  The special deal they are advertising, $10 for any size pizza, including specialties, isn’t so – prices have been raised on some pizzas, although the ads still  indicated they were $10.

I placed an order today, 3-31-11, for two large supremes, which are specialty pizzas.  I was told the supremes were not longer $10 – that Corporate had raised the prices to $12.  I pointed out that the website showed they were $10, then she pointed out to me that the tv ads still said they were $10 as well, but that the menus inside the restaurant had been changed to reflect the new price.

In my opinion, since I was not in their restaurant and was going by the menu on the Pizza Hut website, the advertised price should have been honored.  I did go ahead and pay extra for the pizzas but I doubt I’ll do much ordering from them in the future.

I can understand prices being increased, but it’s just wrong to not honor advertised prices.  It’s not like it was a misprint or a mistake – Pizza Hut raised the prices but neglected to pull the incorrect ads – that’s their fault, not the fault of their customers. I have a problem dealing with merchants who don’t honor advertised prices.

I think from now on it will be best if I stick with Papa John’s.  They seem to pile on a lot more toppings anyway.

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