Pine Pollen Is Here Again !

It’s everywhere!  Pollen season has arrived and the air is full of it, especially of pine pollen.

You wash your vehicle only to find it back in minutes.  Although the weather is beautiful, forget opening windows – pine pollen makes an unwelcome visitor. It floats on water and walking across a yard results in little poofs of yellow pollen dust. It collects on your pets fur and you track it in on your shoes and clothes.  Stay outside for a bit and your own hair and clothes  will collect it and you can almost feel it’s grittiness in your teeth.

Last night driving through town, there was a slight breeze and you could see the stuff blowing across the roads.  It’s appearance in street lights was almost ghostly, as though there was a yellow fog.

If you search google for pine pollen, you may be surprised at the results.  It seems some kind of pine pollen  is actually sold as a health food item.  Have fun with that, I’ll pass.   I’m certainly not buying  it. I don’t care where it’s from or what it’s good for.  I figure I suck enough up by simply breathing!

Thankfully pine pollen season doesn’t last too long, and a rainy day will help wash it from trees and surfaces, although you’ll see residue for quite some time.  And just think, about the time it’s gone, all the other pollens will begin.

Ahhhh, spring, gotta love it!

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