I just watched two videos that infuriated me. One was about an EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD BEING GIVEN BOTOX INJECTIONS, the other of A SCREAMING FIVE YEAR OLD HAVING HER EYEBROWS WAXED, both because the children participate in beauty pageants.

Recently people were quick to yell about the  protesting child who was patted down at an airport, why aren’t these people screaming louder about what is happening to so many of the children who participate in some of these pageants?

These are children – living, breathing human beings, not plastic dolls to play dress up with, although with the fake eyelashes, suntans, teeth, hair and enough makeup for two adults they sure look like they are.  They too often look like little miniature call girls and it’s disgusting.

Some parents defend themselves by claiming their child WANTS this.  I’m sure they think they do if they’ve been groomed and conditioned to think that almost from their birth.  Some parents claim it is good for the child’s self esteem and confindence.  Hello, earth to idiot parents, all the fake crap isn’t necessary for that – the child participating in a pageant as themselves instead of a Barbie doll look alike would as well.

I question what will happen as these faked out kids get older.  Will they perceive that being fake is fine if it gets you what you want, if you “win?”

Just as adults sometimes ruin the fun of sports for children, too many beauty pageants are being turned into more of a competition between the adults instead of focusing on the children themselves.  “My kid’s prettier than YOUR kid, nananana!” That’s sad.  I wonder how many of these extreme  beauty pageant moms are trying to live one of their own unfulfilled childhood dreams by putting their poor children through hell.

A lot of the blame needs to be put on the steps of the sponsors and the judges.  They could stop this, by setting rules against all the fakeness.  While some do, too many don’t, so some parents are encouraged to turn their  beautiful children into what look like, to put it bluntly, child prostitutes.

There are laws to protect children from a lot of things, and I can’t help but wonder why there aren’t laws to protect them from the things being done to them to try to get ahead in a beauty pageant. Botox injections for an eight year old?  That’s ridiculous and it ought to be illegal.  What kind of physician would inject botox into a child for this kind of cosmetic reason?

I simply don’t get it. Older people try to look younger and here you have a batch of whacko parents trying to make young children look ten  years older.  Let these kid’s natural beauty shine while it can.  Think about it.

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