I Miss the "Old" Pizza Hut….

Several years ago the local Pizza Hut was revamped. No more dim lights, waitresses, jukebox or red and white checkered tablecloths. No more cayenne pepper, grated cheese, salt and pepper shakers or flickering candles on the tables…..

Now you order and pay at the counter. You’re handed a small paper plate and cup, and a plastic cone to identify you when an employee brings your order out to you. You get your own drinks, condiments are pre-packaged and are in bins for you to get if wanted. There are no tablecloths – the tables aren’t even red and white checked, more brownish, neutral. Everything is well-lit. Nothing about it is in the least ‘romantic’. (The receipts still have a place to add a tip, though showing that some things don’t change.)

I’m not knocking the food at all – simply stating that I miss the design and atmosphere of the old Pizza Hut. The modernized version reminds me a little too much of a fast food burger joint. I still enjoy the food very much – but I tend to get carry out more than eat in. I remember the days when a lot of the tables were occupied. Today there are less tables and it seems fewer are occupied. I wonder if this is because not as many people eat there, the change of atmosphere or simply my timing of being there.

I guess everything everywhere has and is becoming more modernized, but I sure do miss the way Pizza Hut used to be.

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