I Hate Telemarketers !

I detest telemarketers. I don’t care if they are trying to sell something, conducting market research /opinion polls, political or charities, I detest them equally. The FCC implemented the “Do Not Call” list to give people relief from telemarketer harrassment but unfortunately political calls, those claming to be doing market research, and charities are exempt from using the list.

Now before you get youself in a tizzy and call me cold-hearted because I detest telemarketers calling for charities equally as much as the others, you might want to read the rest of what I have to say. I am NOT against charities, but I will never donate anything as a result of a phone call.

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether the person calling you for a charity is a volunteer or a paid telemarketer? Guess what? More than likely John Doe who says he’s calling in behalf of xxxxxx is being paid to call you. They are supposed to identify themselves as a paid telemarketer but very few do. Question them. IF they will admit it at all – they tend to heehaw around the question – and may get defensive. I don’t even bother to ask if they are a paid telemarketer or not anymore. I simply interrupt them and say “sorry, I do not donate through paid telemarketers” and hang up. Cut out the “middle man” and make sure charities you choose to donate to get the entire amount instead of using some of YOUR money to pay a telemarketer, who generally gets a percentage.

Oh, and those charities that pay someone to call me asking me to use THEIR list to mail MY friends and neighbors asking for donations in their behalf….hello, you have the list of people you want contacted. How about get that person you are paying to call and annoy people to address the dang things….

Political calls? Don’t call and ask for my support because I don’t believe much of what any of them say anyway. They don’t need to remind me to vote – with the media hype it’s not likely anybody could forget anyway.

Some people argue that at least telemarketers are working. That’s true. They don’t, however, pay my telephone bill and I don’t welcome their calls. Think about it. You have the choice of shopping at a particular store or not. You don’t have to go through their door. With telemarketers that option is taken away from you.

Think about it.

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