How I Remove Cat Fur From Clothing

My cats love crawling into my bed and are paricularly fond of curling up to sleep on my pillows. My favorite fleece jacket is also their favorite – anytime I forget to put it out of their reach they hop right on it. As a result things around here are sometimes get a little hairy (pun intended.) If you’re like me, you’ve found cat hair isn’t the easiest thing to get rid of – that stuff can really cling. I’ve tried a lot of things – and while a lot of them do help, there is no surefire solution. I’ve found one thing that does a pretty good job, though – provided the item needing fur removal can be run through a clothes dryer.

BEFORE I wash a furry item, I toss it into the dryer with a fabric softener sheet. If you don’t have any, no problem, dampen a paper towel or washcloth and pour on a little liquid fabric softener. If you don’t have that either I suppose just something slightly damp will help. To be honest, I’m not sure the damp and or fabric softener is even necessary but it seems to me to work better. I run the dryer on timed setting for an average of ten minutes then check the filter. It should show quite a bit of fur/lint. Depending on how much cat hair is on the items, you may need to repeat that several times. If something is really nasty beyond cat fur, though, I’d go ahead and wash it, then do the multiple runs through the dryer part. Be sure to check your labels. If an item says do not machine dry it may still be possible to use this process only with no heat.

The sticky rollers you wash and reuse help, too, but I usually reserve that for quick emergency situations. In a pinch, take some sticky tape and pull fur off with that. Both of these are a lot
more time consuming that using the dryer but if you’re on your way out the door and notice a few cat hairs here and there it will help.

I hope this will help. Just remember it takes a little patience.

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