With a hint of fall and cooler weather in the air it’s time to enjoy wearing leggings. Think football games, cozy fires, brisk walks, any occasion at all.

Leggings might be considered by many to be tight fitting pants, but to me they are a version of footless tights and can be worn with our without a skirt, as pants or under clothing for extra warmth. Think dressing in layers when it’s extremely cold. I think they look really cute worn with little boots that come past your ankles.

For myself, I prefer longer tops that cover at least most of my backside, but that’s just my preference for ME. These days anything goes. If you’re looking for something in your own unique color choices give me a shout and I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

Check back as these were recently added by Zazzle and I will be adding more to this collection. Also check out the other items for sale in my Zazzle store, Vanilla Primrose

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