In a previous article,, I spoke of an ongoing Brute Force Attack of ip’s trying to log in to this blog. I don’t know if the original attack is connected to the one currently hitting a massive number of WordPress sites.

Both and (as well as a lot of other websites) have information about the ongoing attack as well as things people can do to make their websites more secure. Looks like someone is building a bot network for unknown reasons and it’s growing.

Below is a list of ip’s which have tried to log in to this site between the period of April 5th and April 20th. It’s not all inclusive – new ip’s are constantly being compromised and added to the attack. Google is your friend – there are other lists out there with even more ip’s listed. **

** I believe these ip’s are all compromised. If, however, you “own” one of these ip’s and you feel you have been listed in error, please contact me and I will either provide you with logs as proof or correct any error I may have made.

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