212-575-7998 Is A Telemarketer

I’ve been on the do-not-call list for a long time and have an unpublished number as well. Without thinking, I went to the fcc website to report a call I just received – but of course they are unavailable because of the government shut down. That’s fine, one of these days they’ll be operational again and I will report it – all my incoming calls are logged. But for now, I’ll share the info with anyone searching the number.

The call came from, according to my caller id, Theatre, Develop 212-575-7998. It was a recorded call – also illegal in SC. The “person” introduced themselves as Heather and said there was nothing wrong with my credit card account but it was important I call them as soon as possible to lower my interest rates, rofl. Yeah, right. Who says I even have a credit card? How did they get my number? If I find that someone I do legit business with is selling my information I will be raising all kinds of hell. First telemarketing call I’ve gotten in a very long time, convenient it happened during the government shutdown. I see it like this, don’t tell me later it’s too late to report it. After all, if government employees will get back pay, taxpayers should get grace periods.

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