SC Cuts Disabilities/HIV/AIDS Funds, Approves Possible Loan for Heritage Golf Tourney


UPDATE 6-27-2012
The Heritage Classic Foundation is asking that around $29,000 in interest owed on a loan to them by Beaufort County be waived.
Beaufort County lent the Heritage Classic Foundation $1 million for their 2011 gold tournament. The base loan was paid back ahead of time by $250,000 in September and “$750,000 on June 25th. The approximately $29,000 interest is the amount accrued for the ten month period the money was used.
The golf tournament does have a new sponsor for the 2012 event.

In the same budget that would eliminate all Department of Disabilities and Special Needs programs except for people who live in institutional settings, and earlier this month voting to cut all HIV/AIDS funding from the state budget – becoming the first state to propose elimination the entire said budget, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted 69-43 to make available a 10 million dollar loan for the PGA Heritage Golf Tournament in case they have not captured another sponsor for next year’s event. The tournament is held on Hilton Head Island each year, the week after the Masters in Augusta, and is currently sponsored by Verizon, a sponsorship that ends this year.

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No Roadkill for ME !

possum and cat eating

Some of the possums (opossums) around here seem to think they are cats. Several years ago I would arrive home after dark to find a half-grown possum sitting on the steps waiting on me with my kitties. Several (probably not the same ones) still lurk. It could be coincidence, but it’s funny when I call the cats to be fed and a few minutes later one or more possums wander up as well. Although I’ve changed feeding times to earlier, around dusk some will still appear seeming to expect a handout.

Frog and Toad Population Decrease

When I was a child, frogs and toads were plentiful. It wasn’t uncommon to see 25 or 30 toads hopping around on the patio eating bugs drawn by the outside light. I found it great fun to count frogs. It was normal to see a hundred in the lit area immediately surrounding our house. Daylight would expose quite a few flattened corpses on the roads. Toads were everywhere! Continue reading ‘Frog and Toad Population Decrease’ »

Senate Drops Cosmetic Surgery Tax – Adds Tanning Tax Instead


In the scramble to figure out how to pay for the health care bill, the senate has replaced a proposed 5% tax on elective plastic surgery procedures with a 10% tax on tanning bed services. The tanning tax is projected to raise 2.7 billion over 10 years compared to 5.8 billion the elective cosmetic surgery tax would have raised. . It’s interesting that a 5% tax on cosmetic surgeries would have raised around TWICE the money than TWICE the tax, 10%, on tanning services will. Continue reading ‘Senate Drops Cosmetic Surgery Tax – Adds Tanning Tax Instead’ »

Ebay Fee Increase Sticks It To Sellers – AGAIN

Oh goody! Ebay is going to let you list up to 100 items a month FREE…….as long as your starting price is 99 cent or under. They’ve even reduced listing fees for the other price ranged…….but they’ve also increased final value fees (fvf) – a LOT. Good going Ebay, try to cover up fee increases by making it look as though you’re doing something good for sellers.buzzard Continue reading ‘Ebay Fee Increase Sticks It To Sellers – AGAIN’ »

Ice on Roads from Sprinkler Systems

Folks, with freezing temperatures across much of the country, please turn off your automatic sprinkler systems to prevent the chance of water getting on to the roadways and turning to ice, endangering motorists. In some areas the ground is saturated from recent heavy rains making run off more likely and regardless there is no reason to put motorists in danger for the sake of a pretty yard.

To allow a sprinkler to run water into a roadway with the knowledge is both irresponsible and inconsiderate.
Please turn them off until the danger of ice on roads being caused by them has passed. Thanks.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Without fail each year brings some scumbags who toss their used Christmas trees out beside the road or dumb them on private property. Losers like that are litterbugs and need to stick to artificial trees. They made the effort to get the tree home to enjoy – once done with it they need to make the effort to dispose of it properly. For those who don’t, hope Santa leaves coal in your stocking next year.

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Polital Games

I hate politics. What annoys me most is the party thing. I look at the candidate, not the party they belong to. I could care less if someone is a republican, democrat or other, and I won’t support a candidate
based on the party they belong to. The bottom line is, no matter what party one considers themselves,
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