Pine Pollen Is Here Again !

It’s everywhere!  Pollen season has arrived and the air is full of it, especially of pine pollen.

You wash your vehicle only to find it back in minutes.  Although the weather is beautiful, forget opening windows – pine pollen makes an unwelcome visitor. Continue reading ‘Pine Pollen Is Here Again !’ »

Gas Prices Rise – So Will Everything Else

Just as the economy appears to be showing signs of improvement, more unrest in oil producing countries is causing crude oil prices to sharply increase. The increase doesn’t just hit consumers in the pocket at the gas pumps – it causes prices for everything to rise due to transportation costs. Farmers pay more in fuel costs to grow food, more to transport it to the processing plants, then the plants pay more to transport products and so on and so on, with the bottom line being that consumers pay more in the end. Continue reading ‘Gas Prices Rise – So Will Everything Else’ »

Electric Franchise Fees To Be Raised 2% To Help Support Columbia Bus System

In November 2010, voters in Richland County, SC said no to a one cent sales tax increase, part of which would have been used to fund the failing bus system.

Now, Columbia City Council is raising electric company franchise fees within the city limits from 3% to 5%, a fee which will be passed on to electric customers. Media reports that 60% of properties in the City of Columbia are exempt from property taxes, so this method of raising funds will insure that everyone using electricity in the city pays something – including more people who actually use the bus system. Continue reading ‘Electric Franchise Fees To Be Raised 2% To Help Support Columbia Bus System’ »

Quick, Easy and Versatile Crochet Stitch Pattern

This crochet stitch works up fast, is very easy to do and is extremely versatile. It’s textured and there is no wrong and right side so it’s completely reversible so it’s good to use for almost anything. I’ve made ponchos, baby blankets, afghans, scarves, shawls and more with it. The weight of your project is easily adjusted by changing the size of the crochet hook you use. Continue reading ‘Quick, Easy and Versatile Crochet Stitch Pattern’ »

Product Sizes Shrink But Not The Cost – Consumers Beware

Have you noticed the contents of a lot of packages have become smaller? Prices haven’t been reduced, though, and in some cases have gone up. When a pound of meat or vegetables goes up in price it’s obvious, but the real “gotcha” is in canned and packaged products. Continue reading ‘Product Sizes Shrink But Not The Cost – Consumers Beware’ »


Now you can buy a place in line at some hospital emergency rooms! A new online service allows you to make an appointment with participating hospital emergency rooms. If you aren’t seen within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, you don’t pay for the online registration, and at some hospitals you may not have to pay for some of the emergency room services. Continue reading ‘BUY A SHORTER EMERGENCY ROOM WAIT’ »

I Hate Telemarketers !

I detest telemarketers. I don’t care if they are trying to sell something, conducting market research /opinion polls, political or charities, I detest them equally. The FCC implemented the “Do Not Call” list to give people relief from telemarketer harrassment but unfortunately political calls, those claming to be doing market research, and charities are exempt from using the list.

Now before you get youself in a tizzy and call me cold-hearted because I detest telemarketers calling for charities equally as much as the others, you might want to read the rest of what I have to say. I am NOT against charities, but I will never donate anything as a result of a phone call. Continue reading ‘I Hate Telemarketers !’ »

Make Old Clothes Into New Clothes

People who use their imagination and can do a bit of sewing can create designer type clothes for a very modest cost. You don’t have to make an item from scratch – you can modify existing items to have beautiful, one of a kind items. If you don’t do much sewing there are still minor things you can do to customize items. A friend used to do this and people who didn’t know her well thought she must be rich and shop at some exclusive stores. Continue reading ‘Make Old Clothes Into New Clothes’ »


Vinegar is a great cleaner, but be very careful to never let it mix with bleach. There’s plenty of information advising to not mix bleach and ammonia, but not as much about vinegar and bleach. In fact, you may come across some information stating that mixing vinegar and bleach increases the disinfecting power of the bleach. Don’t do it! That little extra punch you supposedly get isn’t worth the chlorine gas mixing the two creates, as I learned by accident. Continue reading ‘DON’T MIX VINEGAR AND BLEACH !’ »