Richland County SC Election Aftermath

Local media has covered a lot of stories about problems people experienced while trying to vote in Richland County. Extremely long lines in some polling places are in question. State law states that there is to be (as close as possible) one machine for every 250 persons registered in a precinct. In one case, a precinct that should have had 19 machines only had 10, with one of those broken. Continue reading ‘Richland County SC Election Aftermath’ »

Richland County Voters Approve Sales Tax Increase

If you shop in Richland County SC, be prepared to pay more sales tax come mid 2013. After previous failed attempts, Richland County voters approved a one cent tax increase earmarked for road and infastructure, fixing the broken bus system, creating bike/pedestrian trails and greenways. The State Paper reported 74,029 people voting for the increase, 64,684 against. ( Continue reading ‘Richland County Voters Approve Sales Tax Increase’ »


No Hot Linking
Would you get upset if someone snuck around and ran an extension cord over to your house and started using your electricity? Who has to pay for that stolen electricity? You do, correct? Well that is what happens when someone hotlinks. A hotlinker sets up their webpage to display an image that is stored on another website. The hotlinker doesn’t use their own space to store the image or their bandwidth to show it – they leech off someone else. They steal.

First of all, it’s just wrong. Hotlinkers use resources that don’t belong to them to benefit. Second, the hotlinker has no control of that image. The owner of it is perfectly within their rights to replace it with anything they want to as long as it’s legal. Continue reading ‘HOTLINKING’ »

How To Make A Watermark

Watermark made in Paint Shop Pro

Watermark made in Paint Shop Pro

Watermarking an image won’t prevent someone from hotlinking or taking it for their own use, but at least the image will be branded as your own. This tutorial uses Paint Shop Pro 8 and creates a watermark that can blend in with the image. Yeah, I know it’s an old version but it works for me and I can’t afford a new version and definitely not Photoshop. (Santa, are you listening?)

1. Create a new transparent image. Size isn’t too important, you can resize it later. In my opinion it’s better to make the watermark image larger than you need and downsize it; it’s easier to work with that way. Set Matchmode to rbg value and tolerance to 0. Continue reading ‘How To Make A Watermark’ »

Homemade Face Scrub

There are plenty of face scrubs commercially available, but Ifind many of them either too expensive or not too my liking – for example, some have scrubbing particles that feel like boulders, others don’t have enough particles to feel useful. There’s also the fact I’m a little wary of products containing ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

The best facial scrubbing material I’ve found is FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. Continue reading ‘Homemade Face Scrub’ »

The SC $300 Sales Tax Cap on Some Expensive Items -Who Benefits Most?

Taxes of any kind can raise the ire of many people. Let’s take a look at the sales tax you pay on vehicles in South Carolina – there is a $300 cap. That’s right, whether you buy a $6000 used vehicle or a new luxury one costing $75,000 you’ll pay the same sales tax – $300.

The $300 cap doesn’t stop with automobiles. Continue reading ‘The SC $300 Sales Tax Cap on Some Expensive Items -Who Benefits Most?’ »

Guild Wars 2 Cooking Item Vendors by Area and Alphabetical by Name

Traveling in Guild Wars 2 can get expensive. Below is a shopping list of bulk cooking supplies sold by Karma vendors in order by area (right hand column) so you can grab them all while in an area instead of traveling back and forth. There is also a list in alphabetical order by item name. Continue reading ‘Guild Wars 2 Cooking Item Vendors by Area and Alphabetical by Name’ »



UPDATE 9-9-2012
First I have to admit I haven’t followed up as well as I should, however, I am seeing a big reduction in fleas. It’s time to give the second dose of the generic Program. The bottom line is, these two products do seem to work well – instant relief with the flea killer and behind the scenes, slower results with the Program generic.
Fleas are a bane for pets and their owners. With a life cycle of around 21 days with variables making it longer in some cases, getting rid of a flea infestation can be a challenge.

I have a multiple cat household and my kitties became covered with fleas. They were miserable. I groomed and picked fleas manually, realizing it was a losing battle. Continue reading ‘GETTING RID OF FLEAS’ »

Metallic Green Bee

I’d hoped to catch a photo of some bumblebees but instead came across this beautiful metallic green bee, about the size of a honeybee or slightly larger. I don’t know for sure what species it is, but possibly Agapostermom Sericeus.  I’ve seen similar creatures, but I don’t recall ever seeing one quite this large.


Although tax-exempt charities, public opinion polls and POLITICAL CALLS aren’t covered by the do-not-call laws, automated recorded political calls are specifically spelled out as being prohibited by South Carolina Law 16-17-446.
16-17-446. Regulation of automatically dialed announcing device (ADAD.
(A) “Adad” means an automatically dialed announcing device which delivers a recorded message without assistance by a live operator for the purpose of making an unsolicited consumer telephone call as defined in Section 16-17-445(A)(3). Adad calls include automatically announced calls of a political nature including, but not limited to, calls relating to political campaigns.

The law goes on to state: Continue reading ‘AUTOMATED POLITICAL CALLS’ »