Bad Burger King Experiences

Whopper with Heavy Onions?
I’ve always been a fan of some of the food Burger King has to offer, but I have given the store closest to me their last chance unless some major improvements are made.

Businesses can have bad days, I understand that, but when one has three bad experiences in a row – added to other bad experiences over time it’s time to strike them off your list as a place to eat. In my opinion, this particular Burger King has never seemed quite as tasty as other stores I’ve patronized anyway, but I kept going back, thinking things would improve. It hasn’t happened. Tonight was the final straw.

We planned to use drive-thru there wasn’t a line – but alas, none of the menus were lit up and it was dark enough on that side of the store to where you couldn’t read them well at all so we went inside. (They told us something was wrong with the lighting on the signs.) They weren’t busy. There was one couple sitting down eating. My group placed two orders to go. I ordered a Whopper with extra onions for myself and a Double Whopper Meal for the other person I was paying for. The other group member ordered a Grilled Chicken Wrap. For a Sunday night with very few customers they were extremely slow.

Both receipts came up correctly – GRILLED Chicken Wrap and HO for heavy onions. On mine, they even wrote on the wrapper “HO.” Sadly, when we got home and sat down to eat, I have two, yes TWO rings of onion on my burger. If that’s heavy onions I hate to see what regular would be. And that GRILLED Chicken Wrap? It wasn’t grilled, it was fried.

Now let’s go back to the two previous visits. The first one, we went in to get an Angry Whopper. Signs were outside advertising it. When we went to place our order we were told they didn’t have those anymore, that they just hadn’t gotten around to taking the signes down yet. We didn’t eat there that day.

The next time, I used drive-thru to order food for two people. It took quite some time to receive the order. Instead of going straight home I stopped in the parking lot to check the order, thank goodness, because it was wrong and I had to go inside to get it corrected. I’d ordered onion rings and they’d given french fries instead. So much for the convenience of drive-thru.

Tonight I completed a survey which was to give me a free sandwich which I won’t be cashing in. I also expressed my displeasure in detail through their customer satisfaction form – and provided my full name and address so they can contact me if needed. We’ll see if they do.

Seriously, what are the odds of having three bad experiences in a row like that? If I happen to be in the area of another Burger King I’ll take advantage of that, but this particular store? I don’t think so.

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