Polital Games

I hate politics. What annoys me most is the party thing. I look at the candidate, not the party they belong to. I could care less if someone is a republican, democrat or other, and I won’t support a candidate
based on the party they belong to. The bottom line is, no matter what party one considers themselves,
we are all United States Citizens and need to work together for the good of the American people.

Political parties spend too much time finger pointing and bashing the other side. It gives me the impression that there may be times some agree with the “other side” but balk because of the party line loyalties and
that is pathetic. It’s time to put party lines away and work together to come up with solutions.
There is no perfect party and both sides needs to work together as a team instead of being opposing
sides sniping at each other every chance they get.

The two major teams in play today both have good and bad points, always have, always will. If the parties were able to get beyond the “sides” thing and work together instead of against each other everyone
would be a lot better off.

A fellow once told me he felt a candidate would do a better job but he ‘couldn’t’ vote for him because he was from the wrong party. That’s not just wrong, that is stupid, but it’s an example of how much weight
party lines can carry.

UNITED States of America. Maybe it’s time for our politicians to UNITE to resolve issues instead of focusing so much on party lines. Think about it.

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